Fort McMurray and R.M. Wood Buffalo

This section contains the forms needed to apply for the required permits. It also contains helpful information pertaining to the application requirements.

For questions regarding Residential Construction permits please view the FAQ here.

For questions regarding Commercial and Industrial permits please view the FAQ here.

Fort McMurray and R.M. Wood Buffalo permits can be applied for at the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo Planning and Development Office located at 309 Powder Drive, Fort McMurray. Phone 780-799-8695.

When to Request an Inspection
Inspection Request Form

Building Permit
- Building Application
- Building Permit Requirements
Electrical Permit
- Electrical Application
- Annual Electrical Application
- Electrical Permit Requirements
Gas Permit
- Gas Application
- Gas Permit Requirements
Plumbing Permit
- Plumbing Application
- Plumbing Permit Requirements
Sewage Permit
- Sewage Application Package

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