When do I need a permit?

A variety of local bylaws and provincial regulations govern when you need a permit. This may also vary with specific circumstances surrounding your project. Generally speaking, whenever building or renovating a structure, you will require one or all of the following permits: Building, Electrical, Gas, Plumbing and/or Private Sewage

What are the benefits of obtaining a permit?

The major benefits of obtaining a permit are knowing that the installation will conform to the safety standards that have been adopted under the Safety Codes Act, and that inspections will be provided by a certified Safety Codes Officer.

Who can I call if I have questions about my construction project?

Give Superior Safety Codes a call and a certified Safety Codes Officer will be happy to assist you

Is there a difference between a development permit and a building permit?

Yes. A development permit deals with such items as zoning, and any restrictions on what type of building you may be constructing. A building permit allows construction to proceed on condition of compliance with the Alberta Building Code. It deals with structural integrity and public safety.

What other permits do I require?

Depending on the nature and scope of your project, you may also require electrical, gas, plumbing and sewage permits.

Who should apply for the permits, me or my contractor?

If you have hired contractors to do the work, they are responsible to obtain the permits.
If you are doing the work yourself, you should obtain the permit provided you are the owner and you live or will be living at the premises (some restrictions may apply).

What services do I get with my permit?

Services will include, but are not limited to, a plans review and report, technical advice, site inspections and reports and a final status report (Permit Services Report).

How long are my permits valid?

Depending on the type of project, permits are typically valid for two years, provided work is commenced within 90 days of permit issuance and the project is not suspended for more than 120 days. Time extensions may be granted upon written request. (Your approved permit will have an expiry date on it.)

I have obtained my permits, now I have decided not to proceed with my project, can I get a refund?

Providing you have not started the work and the permit has not expired, you are entitled to a refund. A processing charge may apply.

How much notice does Superior Safety Codes require when I am ready for an inspection?

We request that you give us 2 days notice for proper scheduling. Same day service may be available depending on the Safety Codes Officers’ schedule.

I am building a garage; can I build it on a slab?

A garage can be built on a slab providing it is no larger than 55 square meters.

I am moving in a mobile (or modular) home. Do I need a building permit?

Yes. Your home was built off-site to a standard, however, the onsite work such as foundation/or blocking still requires a permit.

I have an older home that requires updating. Do I need to re-wire/re-plumb the entire house to meet today’s standards?

You are only required to bring effected systems up to today’s standards. We do however, highly recommend bringing all systems up to date.

I require a new residential furnace, do I require a permit?

If you have to make alterations to your gas piping and/or venting, you will require a permit.

I am building a deck, do I need a permit?

Yes, if the deck is 2 feet or more off the ground. Ensure you install 36” hand rails and 42” hand rails if the deck is 6 feet or more off the ground. The verticals must have a maximum spacing of 4”.

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